is an award-winning data visualization agency based in New York City. We design and build data-driven web applications that present information in an engaging and clear way. Our main objective is to create views and insights based on our clients data that meet our high standards of design and development. We are passionate about the visual presentation of quantitative and qualitative information and we take pride in delivering the best possible solution for our clients. Our primary goal is to inspire, delight and inform others while continuously challenging ourselves.

In the studio we promote innovation, collaboration, and adaptive processes throughout the life cycle of any project. Our team is experienced with large-scale development, interaction design, user experience and data visualization across a variety of industries. We have worked with some of the biggest business leaders in the data domain, including Bloomberg LP (market data), SAP (network & system data) and Wood Mackenzie (oil & gas data). Our work at TWO-N focuses on two main project typologies: “data exploration tools” and “data-driven storytelling”.

Data Browser

Most of our clients come to us with a large data set or database and the need for an interface that can consume that data and deliver it to their users in an intuitive and well-structured way. We work with our clients to understand their domain and the insights they want to provide to their users. We assist them to organize and curate this data-driven user experience and we design and develop the interface and tools needed to explore their data.

Data Stories

As more and more data is collected, aggregated and stored, we see an increased demand for frameworks and systems that help our clients to tell stories and communicate insights based on data. Clients usually approach us with a thesis or an argument they wish to make - and the data to back it - and we work with them to create an interactive, data-driven narrative to communicate it. Data visualization is an integral rather than a supplemental part of this story.

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