Wanna craft great experiences with data?

TWO-N is looking for talented makers who can conceive of and create data-driven graphics and user interfaces. It's an opportunity to work on a variety of projects, visualizing rich datasets like financial, geospatial and demographic data and working with clients who are open-minded and excited about data visualization. Our primary goal is to inspire, delight and inform others while continuously challenging ourselves. If that's appealing to you, and if you match enough of the criteria below then please drop us a line and include some links to what you've created:


We are seeking a seasoned developer with propensity to build visually stunning, highly interactive user interfaces in HTML, SVG, canvas and CSS. Must have intimate knowledge of JavaScript and solid grasp of object oriented programming. We employ pretty fun and/or new technologies and frameworks like d3, React, Node, coffeescript and sass, and we'd need you to be well versed in them, or at least be very eager to get into them.


  • 3+ years experience building interactive UI with HTML/SVG+CSS+JavaScript
  • Solid understanding of JavaScript OOP, prototypes and closures
  • A Computer Science degree or equivalent experience
  • Available to work on location from our loft-y office in Manhattan

Proven experience with at least half of these:

  • d3.js
  • React.js, backbone.js and/or ember.js
  • Coffeescript, SASS/Stylus, Jade, Handlebars
  • Node.js (incl. Express)
  • Mobile web development (HTML5, touch events, responsive design)
  • require.js
  • git, Grunt.js


We are seeking a detail oriented graphic designer experienced in interaction design and data visualiation. The chosen one will work closely with our design director and development teams, synthesizing requirements, prototyping ideas and designing UI. Ideal candidates will be independent thinkers, passionate and active within our field, follow people like Edward Tufte, Nathan Yau, Nicholas Felton, and read the New York Times online largely for their interactive stories. HTML, CSS and/or scripting language skills are huge pluses.

Skills & Requirements:

  • Online portfolio with substantial focus on web and UI design
  • Ability to turn verbal input from clients and coworkers into strong design ideas
  • Expert Photoshop and Illustrator skills
  • Experience with data visualization and infographics
  • Understanding of HTML, SVG and CSS
  • Familiarity with tools for turning raw data into visuals (Flash, Processing, HTML or Excel)
  • Available to work on location from our loft-y office in Manhattan
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