Our Approach

At Two-N we work with clients to unlock the value of their data. In some cases, this means telling compelling stories with data. In others it means building sophisticated data exploration tools that surface new insights to users. In all cases, it begins with understanding the data, and understanding how that data can help the end user.

Throughout our projects, we make our work as transparent as possible. Constant and predictable communication between our team and the client is critical to a successful project. We work best with partners who share this perspective.


Designs are quickly iterated, using the minimum fidelity necessary to validate that we are answering the user’s needs at each step in their journey. As the team gains confidence in the designs, we will increase the level of fidelity to ensure a complete solution that delivers on the client’s objectives.


In parallel with the design work, we develop the supporting system, implementing and validating API’s and other technology as necessary to support the requirements of the emerging design. We use open tools whenever possible and appropriate to the project.

When projects are up and running, we push code regularly. We expect clients to run their own instances of our systems, to see our tests passing, and to become familiar with their systems well before they see production. Surprises are helpful to the software development process.


We deliver projects with varying levels of requirements. While many of our projects are soup-to-nuts systems with front ends, web servers and supporting databases, we can also deliver functional prototypes, web components, or other intermediate deliverables if appropriate to the project.

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