Global Gender Gap Report Browser

Client: TWO-N

Completed: 2016

In late October of last year, just days before the presidential election, the World Economic Forum released its annual Global Gender Gap Report. First published in 2006, we now have over a decade worth of data, covering 144 countries measuring the gender equality and ranking each country based on the calculated gender gaps.

To celebrate the historic event of the first presidential election with a female nominee on the ballot for a major U.S. political party we decided to compile the data from all 11 reports and create an interactive browser of the reports indices.

The report examines four overall areas of inequality between men and women: “Economic Participation and Opportunity”, “Educational Attainment”, “Health and Survival”, and “Political Empowerment”. Based on the data we can see the widest gender gap in the “Political Empowerment” category, with the World Economic Forum projecting that the gap will not be closed for another 82 years. And given the slow progress over the last decade, the gender gap in North America is not expected to close for another 158 years.

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